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Gemini 2015 Horoscope

Gemini 2015 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Gemini Zodiac Sign 2015


In 2015, the Gemini Zodiac sign is empty of major planets, which means that this year is not one of great importance to Gemini. It was the same in 2014. I'm sorry to say that it will be the same for several years ahead.

       Of course that doesn't mean nothing happens. It's just that to most Gemini, these years will not have lots of pages in their autobiographies.

Big Events Far in the Future for Gemini

What happens, astrologically speaking, is due to minor planets passing through the sign now and then. The minor ones in this case are simply those that travel faster around the Zodiac, as seen from Earth: the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

       The slower planets are those from Jupiter and out in our solar system. Jupiter takes twelve years to go through the whole Zodiac. The last time it was in Gemini was in 2013, bringing lots of luck and positive opportunities. It will not return until 2024.

       Saturn, bringing major complications but also important solutions, last left Gemini in 2003 and returns in the year 2030.

       Apart from Jupiter, the first major planet to enter the Gemini Zodiac sign is Uranus in 2025, when it will initiate a period of revelations and deeper understanding of things for Gemini.

       But until then, not much...

Not True for Every Gemini

Well, that's not exactly true, since each person's astrologically decisive factor is the complete personal horoscope chart, where all the planets are included and many other things. For more about the personal horoscope and how to get the chart, please go here:

Your Own Horoscope
Any aspect (certain angle) between planets in your personal horoscope and the planets moving in their courses through the Zodiac has a significant influence on your life. So, although for Gemini in general there is not much to expect in 2015 and the following years, each individual Gemini can still have lots of adventures and life changing events. You really should check your personal horoscope chart to get the full picture.

The 2015 World Horoscope
The complete 2015 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at New Year 2015. Click on it for a bigger image. Click this link to read more about:

The 2015 World Horoscope

       Therefore, understand that the predictions below for Gemini in 2015 are very general. They're based only on what happens in or to the Gemini sign. That's not at all the same as a complete personal horoscope.

Minor Planets in Gemini 2015

Since Gemini is void of major planets in 2015, the main astrological method of predictions is to look at aspects to planets elsewhere in the Zodiac and to check minor planets entering Gemini during 2015.

       Let's start with the latter.

       The moon does so every month, but that's too often to have any real significance except creating a certain mood, which passes quickly. No headline material.

       In April, Venus enters Gemini soon to be followed by Mercury and then in May the sun. These three heavenly bodies are always traveling together, as seen from Earth. They do bring some good news for every Gemini, but that happens annually, so there is not much extraordinary about it.

Chain of Events in June 2015 for Gemini

Mars, though, is a slightly rarer guest, returning every year and a half, approximately. It enters Gemini on May 12 of 2015, starting to cause some action both trouble and sudden solutions, to people born in that sign. Since Mars is there when the sun and Mercury are, too, Gemini can expect a more eventful period than usual when Mars goes through the sign.

       So, especially late May and the first half of June should be the height of the year 2015 for Gemini, with lots of things happening rather fast some causing problems but most of them solving stuff easier than expected. It will be both fun and exciting, although demanding a lot of energy and unusually hard work.

Gemini Escaping Restrictions in 2015

As for the major planets, all of them outside Gemini, some are in active aspects to the Zodiac sign in the 2015 horoscope.

       Most important for Gemini this year is Saturn in Sagittarius, which is at an opposition aspect (180) to Gemini in 2015, and will be so until the end of 2017.

       It means that things outside of Gemini's influence make stern restrictions on freedom and the ability to choose things freely. It's a frustrating situation and sort of a contradictory one: demands are grimmer but also less adhesive. There are ways around them mainly by escaping, by refusing to care about the benefits coming from obeying.

       Gemini is good at that. Therefore Gemini is the one being held down the least by those restrictions. It takes some trickery, but Gemini knows how to get away basically by just not caring.

       Since Saturn is in the beginning of Sagittarius in 2015, its influence will be particularly strong on every Gemini born in May. That's because to them the Saturn aspect is the most close.

Bittersweet Fantasies Bother Gemini

Another aspect with a major planet in 2015 is the square (90) to Neptune in Pisces. It mainly influences people's imagination and dreams, making these rather bittersweet, very emotional and sometimes painful, maybe even tormenting.

       Gemini has a square aspect to Neptune in 2015. This has been the case since 2012 and will remain until 2019, since Neptune is very slow in its movement around the Zodiac. The square aspect makes the Neptune influence a troubled one for Gemini. Every Gemini will experience the influence very clearly, if not to say invasive, and it's not always pleasant.

       To Gemini, the dreams and fantasies caused by Neptune in Pisces are much more emotional than appreciated, also void of humor in an un-Gemini way. There is instead too much grief and suffering in them. But also, and that's a great plus, they open doors to aspects of life Gemini has yet been rather unfamiliar with.

       But overall it's just too emotional for Gemini's comfort, making it difficult to deal with. Gemini will have to struggle to keep those dreams and fantasies under some control.

       Generally, it's still mainly intriguing. It's just that sometimes it's a little much. And Gemini wouldn't mind being able to ignore it when that would be a relief. This is not so easy. The Neptune influence in Pisces is not exactly intrusive, but it has its own magnetism making the fantasies it induces hard to ignore and the dreams difficult to forget when waking up.

       In 2015, the above is particularly true for Gemini born in May, since Neptune is in the beginning of Pisces where it forms a closer aspect to people born in that period.

Brand New Thoughts for Gemini

Also Uranus in Aries has an influence on Gemini, since it has a sextile (60) aspect to the sign. That's a mild influence and quite positive. It lasts for long: Uranus entered Aries in late 2011 and will leave the sign in 2020.

       In 2015 it will have the biggest influence on those Gemini born in early June, since to them the Uranus aspect is the closest.

       In Aries, Uranus brings exciting new ideas challenging old ones. It's a period of radical innovation and a daring questioning of what has for long been regarded as true. One can even call it revolutionary.

       Gemini is inspired by these new ideas popping up here and there, completely lacking respect for old convention and established concepts. To Gemini, that's how to think always. So, Gemini participates with much delight, gladly letting the mind run into new perspectives and cherishing ideas that would have been ridiculous only a few years ago.

       So, although not much happens to Gemini in 2015, generally speaking, each Gemini is still enjoying the thought process and discussions going on all around. Although initially only in the mind, there's a new world being born. And Gemini is very much part of it.

Not an Eventful, but Intriguing 2015 for Gemini

To sum it up, in general 2015 is not a very eventful year. Nor was the previous year, nor will the coming eight ones be. But 2015 will be intellectually inspiring, especially for the improvising mind of Gemini. There is trouble, too: Dreams and fantasies may be straining in their emotional intensity and hardening social restrictions take some effort escaping.

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